The Ideal Process

Architect and Engineer in a project

Buckeye Construction is aware of handling complex projects efficiently, so they’re on track and never cause them to run into trouble. It begins with our all-star team of construction professionals. To become an approved vendor or subcontractor with us is not an easy process. Each partner must uphold our high standards and meticulous requirements to be approved as a supplier or subcontractor.

Our skilled project managers have over 30 years of combined experience, making them the most experienced in the industry. Our ability to anticipate issues and implement effective solutions sets us apart from our competitors. We also utilize the latest project management software to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Factors such as design and construction delays may occasionally result in the delay of projects. It’s also possible for a customer to postpone their production schedule.

Here are a few factors.

Post Contract Design Revisions

Creating project design

If we want to have a successful and effective campaign, we have to make the client feel comfortable at every step. Changing the core design can interrupt operations and create significant delays. Whenever you change your mind, talk to your designer. They might have a specific reason for doing things that way.

No matter what, we’ll do our best to accommodate. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our project managers. Having everyone on the same page is essential to a successful project.

Post Construction Material Revisions

Suppose a bathtub you selected for your makeover is delivered, and you don’t think it’s good after seeing it in person. We are happy to replace the item for you, but a delay will occur. Because these things are custom-made, you’ll always be charged a restocking fee and a change order fee.

Bathroom with bath tub

Keep in Touch

Communication is key to keeping your project on track. Ensuring a fast response will help you complete your objectives, enhance your productivity, and permit your project to thrive. Plus, our customers get Buildertrend access. It is a software application and software that lets you monitor your project regularly from anywhere.

Buckeye is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship resulting from our experienced team and the rigorous standards to which we hold our subcontractors and suppliers accountable. We’re more preoccupied with delivering our customers a better product than finishing the task as quickly as possible. Our success is a result of transcending industry standards and setting appropriate goals.

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