During the International Surface Event show this year, new types of luxury vinyl, porcelain, laminate wood-look, and stone-look flooring were displayed, highlighting the widespread adoption of these materials. In recent times, organic browns and rustic shades have been in demand in both genuine and manufactured hardwood floors.

The market trend is also moving toward waterproof items, large tiles, and wider, longer boards. According to Houzz, you will probably see some trends this year.


Gray tiles on house floor

This year, the lack of cool-toned grays has been one of the most noteworthy flooring trends, particularly among flooring. Gray remains fashionable, although grays with warm undertones are becoming more prevalent. According to some designers, this interior design trend is part of the Japandi movement, which incorporates warm colors and natural elements of Japanese design with a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic.

Luxury Vinyl

Worker placing vinyl floor

A wide variety of vinyl boards and tiles can be found all over, nearly obscuring the varieties of flooring that are not wood. Due to advancements in digital technology, more realistic imitations of wood and stone have been created. The increase in the number of soft bricks and dense tiles results in hard tables and thicker the least bit.


Laminate flooring on an empty house

Relatively cheap laminate has an extremely shiny plastic surface. High-quality laminate flooring has evolved significantly over the past few years. It is made from layers of compressed wood over a strong fiber wood foundation, but the picture layer has much-improved thanks to modern technology. Luxury vinyl planks can easily compete with products that have angles and an embossed texture that simulates genuine wood.


Home interior with hardwood floor

Hardwood is among the preferred flooring options for people who like the real thing. Gradually switching from gray to brown highlights the artist’s hand-made touch. In comparison with hardwoods, engineered woods are less expensive since they consist of a composite of wood fibers, particles, strands, and veneers on the surface.


marble floored hallway

Stone designs are in fashion right now. The use of stone-like porcelain and luxury vinyl is becoming increasingly popular in various areas, including living rooms and laundry rooms. However, natural stone will retain its unique look for many years. Real marble is the perfect choice for anyone wanting the ultimate in luxury flooring.

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