Why Install a Nest Learning Thermostat

There’s an app for any and everything, nowadays. And the Nest Learning Thermostat is definitely a leader of the pack. Here are some of the futuristic features this innovative thermostat puts at your fingertips. Energy Tracker This thermostat is the definition of app savvy! Simply download the Nest app to see how much energy you … Continued

Countertop Corbels

When envisioning your dream kitchen, one of the first things that comes to mind is “what type of countertop will I select to showcase my personal style and wow my guests?” and “what type of lighting will I use to spotlight it?” But don’t stop there! Many details are often overlooked when selecting countertops — including how … Continued

Freestanding Tubs: A Showcase in Style and Versatility

While some say freestanding bathtubs look like they come from a previous era, they certainly are making a comeback! Here are a few reasons why love for freestanding tubs seems to be overflowing, and are being installed in all styles of bathrooms and homes: Space Saver • Taking up less room than showers, freestanding tubs … Continued

Rack up the Spices and Convenience in Your Kitchen

Always on the lookout for better organization and increased storage space in the kitchen, I was smitten by this ingenious feature being used in every style of kitchen. Pullout spice racks are becoming a staple in most, if not all, of our kitchen remodels and renovations. Our clients are getting their creative juices flowing, finding … Continued

Top Rated Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucet designs have come a long way. When remodeling your kitchen, you want a faucet that fits your functionality needs and personal style. Here are some five star faucet faves that cover every kitchen necessity and design. Best Pullout Spray Faucet Miseno Cirillo Collection Not only does this faucet appeal to the eye with a … Continued

Kitchen Countertop Materials From Classic to Natural

Before making your countertop selections, ask yourself: “Does my choice in kitchen countertop accommodate my meal prep demands, as well as reflect my personal style?” There are so many options  available that trying to make this one decision can leave you perplexed, taking the fun out of designing your beautiful new kitchen! We’ve narrowed down … Continued

Black & White Bathroom Trends

Historic homes are found throughout the Triangle area of North Carolina. Are you looking to restore your historic home’s master or guest bath to its full glory? Want to modernize your bathrooms while keeping a classic and timeless historic feel? A design in black and white will do just that! It makes a daring statement … Continued

Chic Shower Bliss on a Budget

We’ve all seen those ultra luxurious shower commercials with the oh-so costly looking shower heads, right? We watch, thinking to ourselves… “It would be nice to enjoy a spa-like experience everyday. If only I could afford it!” Guess what? Your shower head prayers have been answered. We have the highlights of a showering fixture that … Continued

The Grout Divide

The type of grout you chose may be at the bottom of your list, but here’s why it should be at the top. The obvious reason is that grout is what bonds your floor or wall together. Let’s think beyond that. Quick — what are the two areas in your home that get exposed to lots … Continued

A Vision in White (on White)

The last thing you want is a kitchen that quickly becomes outdated simply because you researched and based your remodeling decisions on a trend that was on the rise. When you begin to think of remodeling your kitchen, it’s best to keep two words in mind — timeless and transitional. Let’s highlight a fast-growing kitchen … Continued

Pendant Lighting Illuminates the Heart of Your Home

When entertaining it seems inevitable that the guests always end up congregating in the kitchen. Just when you thought you’d have ample opportunity at Thanksgiving dinner to brag on your exquisite new white oak floors, you’re instead excusing yourself past guests chatting and chuckling in the kitchen  – as you refresh drinks. So why not … Continued

Gutter Guards: Less Work for You, More Protection for Your Home

Although most of us tend to cringe at the mention of gutters, those shallow troughs fixed beneath the edge of your roof are crucial to have and maintain. Mold remediation, termite damage and deteriorating structure supports are some of the repairs you are potentially facing if you don’t. And all of these repair services sound uber … Continued