If you are one of the millions of Americans who are part of the remote workforce, you know having an inviting workspace can make a big difference in your productivity. Turn your home office into a private haven that matches your style.

Choose Your Office Color

Start with a clean slate when establishing your home office and choose a color that will inspire, calm, and energize you all at the same time. Is that even possible? Maybe not, but you can include multiple colors throughout your office and within your design features, such as darker tones behind your laptop to limit glare or an earthy green wall for a calming effect.

Almost anything goes now, so don’t be shy. Consider an accent wall using paint, tiles, or even wallpaper. Go bold on one wall and tone down the others for a stunning visual effect. The ceiling is also an option for an accent, separating the colors between the walls and ceiling with crown molding.

The colors you settle on for your walls, ceiling, and floor, will drive the colors and styles of your furniture, cabinetry, and fixtures. See color combinations and suggestions from Martha Stewart.

Desk and Storage Space

Staying organized is key to being productive. A modern-day office needs to accommodate a multitude of mobile devices, a printer, books, and so much more. Make sure there is a place for everything and everything in its place with a customized home office.

L-shaped desks are the most common style for home offices. They provide extra surface area and put your iPad, laptop, and paperwork all within easy reach; they can be designed and oriented according to your dominant side; and, they can save floor space with placement in a corner.

Whether you go with an L-shaped or a standard desk, expand the functionality with tiered shelving, bookcases, and cabinets to ensure you have adequate storage space. Cabinets are another opportunity to be creative and mix and match colors, wood tones, and/or patterns between upper and lower cabinets.

Suitable Lighting

An office with a window will not only help you reset your mental focus from work when you stare out at nature but will bring in natural light. Regardless of how bright the room is on the sunniest of days, or if you do not have a window, you will still need to incorporate lamps and overhead lighting.

Contact us to discuss installing a window or a skylight in your office.

In addition to ensuring your lights are easily adjusted (think Smart technology) and energy-efficient, look for a lighting solution that is aesthetically appealing and covers all corners of your office. Popular, stylish options for ceiling-hung lights cover a broad spectrum of designs including metallic finishes, art-deco styles with group lighting and geometric designs, and retro styles for a touch of nostalgia. Unobtrusive, recessed lighting is another option and works well with low ceilings, to prevent those head bangs on low-hanging lights, and for focused lighting over a desk. Include under-cabinet lighting, wall-mounted lights or well-placed lamps to complete the look


Don’t forget those extra touches that make an office feel welcoming and comfortable. Focus on accessories that are functional and stylish, like marble and quartz pencil holders and bookends. Hang a mirror and clock of the same style you select for your lights. Fill a wall with your diplomas in frames that coordinate with your colors. Make sure to include a pretty, low-maintenance plant like an African violet or aloe plant, or faux plant, to bring a hint of outdoors to your office.

Create a Quiet Escape

Excess noise is one of the biggest complaints of remote workers, yet soundproofing the office space is something that is rarely considered. If a quiet space is critical, call our staff to discuss new flooring and ceiling options.

Regardless of your plan, talk to our designers today. We can help you create that special workspace in your home to meet your needs.