There are a few things to remember when trying to decide what is going to best for your bathroom space.

1. Does your bathroom see heavy traffic? If it’s your only bathroom, opt for a function-first faucet.

2. Who uses the bathroom faucet in your home? You’ll want a faucet that’s easy to turn on and off, particularly if elderly family members or kids are regular users. Hands-free models make it a cinch. Or opt for a single-handle faucet, which makes adjusting the water temperature a snap. Imagine having to use both hands to make the water “warm” when you can barely see over the counter.

3. How deep is your sink? If you aren’t replacing the sink, this is important. We have had clients purchase a new “well-pump” style faucet only for it to shoot right off and onto the floor! A smaller bathroom sink needs smaller fixtures.

4. Picking out new countertops, too? When we are replacing your counters, knowing your faucet style ahead of time is crucial so the fabricators can drill the correct number of holes. A single hole faucet, a 4″ center, or an 8″ wide spread will all determine the final cuts made.

5. What two words describe your bathroom’s style? You’ll want to tell your salesperson at the store whether you’re aiming for industrial-chic or retro-glam. If that seems like just too much to keep up, come and see our showroom and we can help guide you through the design process!