Let’s raise the roof on the importance of regular roof maintenance! The average lifespan of a roof is fifteen to thirty years. Lack of maintenance can cut your roof’s lifespan in half. Here are some tips on how to keep your roof in tip top shape.

Create a regular cleaning schedule with CQC Home

We not only renovate homes, we can also help maintain your home. Your roof can become easily stained or damaged by dirt, the elements, mold and black streaks (a form of algae and bacteria that develops on a roof and eats away at the structure of your roof). You should have your roof inspected for damage annually. But if any severe weather, such as a windstorm occurs before then, let us take a look at is as soon as possible to check for any possible damage.

Roof Boots

One thing that is commonly  overlooked when it comes to roof maintenance are the vents, most commonly called “roof boots” (they operate like exhaust pipes do on your car) which often go bad before the actual roof does.  A good thing to keep in mind is that anything going through your shingles is typically going to give way first.

Chimney and Skylight Flashing

These are the last elements that anyone would think of that could cause an issue with your roof. Surprisingly, they are more than likely the cause of a roof “leak” versus the shingles themselves.

Not caring for your roof can cause a domino effect of issues resulting in costly invoices compared to a roof inspection visit! Call CQC Home today for more details on how to keep your roof in check and to schedule your inspection today!