Financing Options with CQC Home and First National Bank

Turning your dream home into a reality

You have been dreaming of renovating your existing home for years – having something that will meet your family’s needs. We can help provide the resources you need to make your dream a reality.

CQC Home has partnered with First National Bank to provide a unique product that can help homeowners with renovation costs and the resources necessary to renovate your home. The Renovation to Permanent Loan is not much different than a traditional mortgage loan, other than you haven’t started renovation work. First National typically pays off any existing financing you have with the permanent/renovation loan and, depending upon the loan-to-value ratio which is determined up front, First National may be able to finance all the renovation costs including the settlement charges into the loan as well.

Why Renovation Permanent Financing?

  • Cost Control – Your interest rate can be locked in at the time of application and remains fixed for the term of the loan, including the renovation period.
  • Options – You can choose the type of financing, whether it is a fixed-rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage.
  • Convenience – A “True One Time Close” loan requires only one settlement, it’s all done up front, so that all you need to do after closing is renovate your home and enjoy it upon completion.
  • Beauty by design – You get to design your renovated home to meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle.

How to Begin

The best place to begin is to contact Nolan Link at First National Bank. His phone number is 919-612-7931 and his email is [email protected], click here for more options.