Exterior home renovations add curb appeal to your home. Depending on how you choose to change the exterior of your house, renovations can also add equity and increase resale value. There is no shortage of lovely older homes in the Raleigh area that are just waiting for an update. At CQC Home, we often meet with clients that are looking for exterior home improvements. From a brick house exterior makeover to a total home facelift, we’ve done it all. 

Exterior Renovation Ideas

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what they want for their renovation. Others know that they would like some updates, but need a little help vision casting all of the possibilities. Our process is designed to help you no matter what stage you are in with your exterior renovation ideas. We work with homeowners to explore, design, and refine before we build anything. This helps ensure that you not only love your final outcome but that your exterior renovations also stay on budget. 

Exterior Renovations To Historic Homes 

There is something special about owning a historic home, but it is important to maintain the home’s original charm and character. Sometimes, there may even be restrictions on the types of exterior renovations that you can do. In the Raleigh area, we have neighborhoods like Historic Oakwood, Hayes Barton, and Glenwood where the homes have seen several decades, if not centuries. Homeowners in these areas purchase their homes for the history that they carry, but they don’t also want to carry the dated siding, drafty windows, or sagging exterior porches. 

We can help you update any home exterior without destroying its history or violating the terms of any historic preservation ordinances that may be in place. 

In the image above, we met with homeowners in the Raleigh-Durham area that were ready for an exterior house remodel. We would not dream of doing anything drastic that would detract this beautiful mid-century charmer. It just needed some freshening up and the homeowners wanted to ensure that the front porch area was safe for their family to enjoy. Among other updates, these exterior home renovations included custom porch railings and a gate that were both made by hand to fit the period of the home. 

Looking to give your house a facelift?

Our home exterior renovation contractors are here to help. We will work with you to bring your home exterior vision to life on time and within budget. Looking for more home renovation ideas? Visit our project galleries. You will find exterior home projects, bathroom & kitchen renovations, and more. Ready to get started? Reach out to the CQC Home exterior project team today.