Jessa Witzel

I’ve been on renovation job sites since I was a little kid, watching my father’s Miami based flooring company at work. I have strong memories of playing with carpet samples and setting myself up on stairs so that I was out of everyone’s way but could still “supervise”. My favorite part, then and now, was … Continued

Natalia Weisenfeld

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Joe Waller

As a Superintendent I enjoy being able to utilize my abilities as a carpenter to problem solve through the unique challenges each project brings forth. I approach every project as a unique opportunity to implement the best building practices to create sustainability for each of the beautifully designed spaces we build for our clients. I … Continued

Gustavo Ortiz

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Idris Kadiccan

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Noel Gonzale

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Brian Burns

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Kelly Bidwell

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John Farmer

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Lawrence Aucoin

As a carpenter and job site foreman, I get the pleasure of improving my carpentry skills as well as being hands-on in every aspect of every build! Excellent customer service is what I strive for on a day-to-day basis. Renovating homes for myself and for clients over the last 12years has proven that communication is … Continued

Ryan Amerson

I am originally a Florida native having been born and raised in Gainesville (Go Gators!). Eventually, the lure of cooler weather and mountains attracted my beautiful wife and I to North Carolina. We are now happy to call Raleigh home and are enjoying all that the area has to offer. I received my degree in Construction Management … Continued

Tommy Lunceford

I was born and raised in downtown Durham, and I have been fortunate to witness the transformation of my beloved hometown. I believe that the people and the diversity of Durham are the main reasons that the Triangle is such a wonderful place to live! My loving wife of 13 years and I have adopted … Continued