Project Director

Jessa Witzel

I’ve been on renovation job sites since I was a little kid, watching my father’s Miami based flooring company at work. I have strong memories of playing with carpet samples and setting myself up on stairs so that I was out of everyone’s way but could still “supervise”. My favorite part, then and now, was seeing the transformation that occurred between demo and the finished product. I am so excited to work with CQC Home to help make your house a home, a place you can fill with joyful memories.

I moved to North Carolina in 2013, desperate to escape the heat of Florida and find a place where I could enjoy the seasons. Our small farm in Durham is the perfect place to get me outside in those beautiful seasons as I care for our menagerie of goats, chickens, ducks, and guineas.When our weekends aren’t full of our own extensive renovations, my husband will cook a big gourmet meal out of the food I’ve grown and we will share that with friends and family around a fire. I am also a big sustainability nerd and am very active in Durham’s sharing community.