Whole House Remodeling Service

A whole house remodel is the perfect way to transform your house into the home you’ve always wanted. With a whole house renovation, your home becomes a blank slate and allows you to make the changes you’ve always wanted. Whole-home remodeling also provides the chance to fix some underlying issues your home may have like outdated electrical wiring or mold and mildew. CQC Home would be honored to be part of your remodeling journey.

A Home Customized for You

Older homes have lots of character but often their floorplans and construction quality aren’t up to modern standards. Our remodeling company specializes in design-build projects. We can help you with every step of your whole house remodeling project. This is your chance to redesign your home to your liking with all of your family’s needs and preferences in mind. There are several features you can choose from when remodeling your home. Common upgrades are built-in shelving, larger master bathrooms, custom closet management systems, and custom cabinetry. With a full home renovation, every room can be a reflection of your style and meet your specific organizational and entertaining needs.

Our Process for Whole House Remodeling

Renovating an entire house is a huge project. There are many decisions that have to be made along the way like choosing materials, floorplans, contractors, paint colors, finishes, and more. On top of that, you will need to be very organized and have topnotch project management skills to keep your project in your budget and on schedule. CQC Home takes as much stress out of the home renovation process as possible. We have a team of designers and contractors to help make your dream home a reality. Our showroom makes picking out your materials and finishes easy. You will also be assigned a superintendent who will be directing the project every step of the way. The home renovation process we use includes five phases. These phases easily guide you through the process and reduce delays and issues that can pop up along the way.

Explore Phase

Our process is designed to ensure that expectations and communication are clear from the very beginning. During the exploration phase, we learn all about your home and your project. Our team will ask many questions to get a well-rounded picture of your needs and wants in your home. We then ask you to research our company online and read testimonials. If we both decide to move forward with the project, we move to the design phase.

Design Phase

In the design phase, we discuss the interior design elements of you would like to see in your home. We get measurements and create 3D models of your redesigned home. You’ll also visit our showroom and pick out the materials for your project.

Refine Phase

When we reach the refine phase, we finalize the design elements. During a visit at our office, we present the project and our fixed-price bid to complete it in great detail. If you accept our bid, our team schedules the contractors, plumbers, and electricians. We also apply for any permits needed for the construction.

Build Phase

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid you will meet the superintendent and construction manager to choose a start date. We then start constructing your home. Your superintendent will be in touch with you on a regular basis to keep you updated on the progress of your renovation. At the end of the project, we hire a cleaning service to make sure everything is perfect before the final walkthrough.

Enjoy Phase

There’s nothing left to do but to enjoy your beautiful home!

Our Home Renovation Services

Large home remodeling projects require a clear vision of the final product and knowledge of every aspect of the home. We work with interior designers, general contractors, electricians, hvac contractors, and plumbers to construct a home you’ll love. These services include kitchen remodelsbathroom remodels, refinishing or replacing floors, and additions like adding a dining room or living room. If you appreciate the finer details that truly make your home customized for you, we offer custom cabinetry, shelving, and more.

How Much Does a Whole-House Renovation Cost?

During our initial consultation, we can provide a rough estimate of the potential cost of your project. The cost of your renovation will depend on the size of your home and the specific needs of your project. For example, if you want to completely change the layout of your home that will require more work than if you wanted to keep your home’s original floorplan. Other factors that will influence pricing will include electrical work, plumbing work, and the materials you choose. As a company, our goal is to focus on providing a durable and quality product. While our price may not be the lowest, homeowners that work with us have the peace of mind that they will not have issues with our work. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, trust it with experienced contractors with a reputation for getting it right the first time.

Proudly Serving North Carolina

We enjoy being an active part of our community through our work. Through our remodeling services, we help increase property values, improve the quality of life of our customers, and restore beauty to historic homes. We have happy customers across the Triangle Area that we have helped achieve the perfect living space for their families. Our great reputation is built on our dedication to providing quality materials and services. When customers hire us, they can be sure that they will have a durable and lasting final product. Visit our gallery to view our past whole house remodeling projects.