About Us


Our Story

I was born and raised in Durham and am committed to this diverse city. The people are warm and generous, there is a wide range of activities and opportunities, including hometown sports both professional and collegiate, entertainment, dining, and higher education. There is something for everyone! As a Durham businessman, I am committed to giving back to this city and will continue to sponsor activities here that benefit the less fortunate.

My story has led me to be driven and thrive in fast-paced environments. I discovered my entrepreneurial streak early in life, selling lemonade in front of the Agape Corner on Holloway Street when I was 12 years old. I began working in residential construction in my late teens. Over the years, with my wife Ericka’s support, I have worked 80-hour weeks, flipped cars, tools and houses to finance the transition of CQC from a two-person operation to what it is today. My employees did the rest and are CQC’s most precious resource. Together we try very hard to make our clients’ renovations as spectacular as possible.


To Tangibly Improve the Lives of Our Customers and Employees.

Our Values


We offer highly invested teams working together internally and with our customers to make their dreams come alive.


Remodeling a client’s home involves a level of familiarity that requires the highest levels of trust possible.


The foundation of CQC. We will keep the highest ethical standards and do the right thing for our customers and employees no matter what.


We will be relentless in our effort, performance and efficiency in all that we do.


We want employees who are fully bought in to CQC Home and its mission, vision and values. Accomplishing that will eliminate any obstacle to our goals.

Awards & Accolades


Our mission is to tangibly improve the lives of our customers & our employees.

For our employees, this is evident by the family-like culture that we have built and the many benefits that we provide. We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance, paid time off and holidays. For our field staff, we provide vehicles/vehicle allowances, gas reimbursement and help purchasing tools. In addition, we put together outings and events throughout the year.

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How do I get started?

Getting started begins with two of the most important parts of the home remodeling process: communication and collaboration. First, we encourage you to reach out to us here or by phone. You can expect a prompt reply from us as we immediately begin to gather and share as much information as possible regarding your project. This initial contact will tell you more about our process and help us learn more about your needs. The next step will be an in-home consultation. This allows us to meet in person and discuss your project in more detail.

Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

There is no fee for our initial consultation.

What is the smallest or largest project CQC can complete?

Scale is important when it comes to the home remodeling process. Having a team that executes projects of similar scope on a regular basis maximizes efficiency. We have two divisions that address projects relative to their scope and most projects fall within one of them. This expanded approach allows us to serve more clients.

How long will my project take?

Home remodeling projects vary in size and scope which of course determines the timeline. At CQC we take scheduling seriously. We will present a detailed schedule for your project before a contract is signed and utilize project management software to maintain that schedule. This software is very interactive, and you will have access to your project’s activity from start to finish. While we do our best to set reasonable expectations and help you plan for contingencies, delays can still happen, and we are committed to communicating these things with you and working quickly to resolve them before they potentially impact your project timeline.